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Drug and Alcohol dependence doesn’t happen overnight so it can be assumed that it also cannot be cured overnight either. There actually is no cure for addiction but it can be managed with the help of addiction treatment. By learning to control cravings and abstain from substance use a person can live drug and alcohol free. Drug Treatment Centers Richmond uses a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Each individual’s addiction requires a unique treatment plan but generally addiction treatment begins with medical detox to cleanse the body of substances of abuse and then progresses to therapeutic exercises such as individual and group therapy. Lastly, addiction treatment teaches relapse prevention methods to patients to aid them in preventing their return to addictive behaviors.

The Support You Need

Recovery from addiction is something that no one should face alone. While your brain adjusts to life without dependency on drugs, you also need someone there to help you cope with your fears, doubts and cravings. Richmond Addiction Treatment Centers can help. With support, you can achieve sobriety and have a fighting chance for lasting recovery.

Addiction is Physiological

For years, the public’s opinion about addiction recovery was that addicts needed to be strong and simply stop using drugs. Any substance abuser knows that it isn’t that easy, and now, science has revealed why. When someone consumes an addictive substance or participates in an addictive activity, the person’s brain is overwhelmed by the mood altering chemical dopamine. The more the substance is consumed over time, the less an addict’s brain is able to produce dopamine on its own.

Eventually, the brain becomes completely dependent on the addictive substance for dopamine, and the addict’s brain is unable to produce dopamine on its own. It is essential to approach recovery with compassion, understanding and medical intuitiveness. Getting help for addiction is not just about willpower. It is a process of retraining and balancing your brain.

Comprehensive Treatment

Your first step toward recovery will be undergoing the detoxification process. Trained medical staff will oversee your detox and, in many cases, administer medication to help reduce symptoms and cravings while the drugs leave your system. You will also be treated for any underlying physical and mental conditions.

Many addicts relapse because they leave programs immediately after detox and never address the mental and physiological causes of their illness. At Drug Treatment Centers Richmond, you will receive ongoing care and support. An individualized program of behavioral treatment, including education, one-on-one and group therapy, will help ensure that your rehabilitation is a lasting success.

Structured Care

A major part of recovery is learning new habits while distancing yourself from your old ones. By opting for inpatient rehabilitation, you remove yourself from the environment that has influenced your addiction and learn to heal with the help of compassionate, experienced staff. You can build the strength and self-confidence you need to stay healthy once your treatment is complete.

At a treatment center, you have the ease of a daily schedule and the comfort of being surrounded by allies. You will learn to hold yourself accountable for your decisions, cope with life’s stresses and make choices that benefit you. Studies have proven that long-term care, including counseling and treatment for underlying conditions, are important tools for remaining sober. Drug Treatment Centers Richmond can help you every step of the way. Call today for more information (804) 893-5099

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, don’t delay healing a moment longer. Call Richmond Addiction Treatment Centers at (804) 893-5099 and take a step toward lasting health, happiness and quality of life.

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