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Addiction of any kind changes a person and their personality. The desire to use substances of abuse can be so persistent that he or she may be driven to steal, hurt others emotionally or physically, and possibly put them self in danger just to get a hold of their drug of choice. Alcohol Treatment can help these individuals or any individual struggling with alcoholism overcome past mistakes and make a better future for their self. Without proper alcohol treatment, an addiction can significantly deteriorate the user’s health. At times, an intervention may be necessary for you or a loved one if they fail to recognize how destructive their addiction has become. Intervention is used to show the person with an addiction that their drug abuse is endangering and that they require alcohol treatment. Call Drug Treatment Centers Richmond today at (804) 893-5099.

Medical Detox during Alcohol Treatment

Detox is the first big step in recovery and a vital part of alcohol treatment. Alcohol detoxification can vary in length and treatment, depending on the frequency and duration of your alcohol abuse. Whether intense drinking went on for years or not, the detoxification process also takes into account the psychological and physical health of the client. Detox is the first step in recovery and is vital for every client. Getting the alcohol out of your system will provide you with greater mental clarity, allowing you to better understand your treatment program. Areas of your life will seem different once you are off of alcohol. No one in an extreme addiction should ever detox by themselves. Our centers provide clients with well-qualified doctors, nurses and therapists to monitor the process every step of the way.


Individual and group therapies are offered in our treatment programs. This is a way for alcoholics to communicate their feelings and establish rapport with other addicts. Solutions to individual problems are openly discussed and shared. Group sessions are a particularly effective part of our treatment programs. It allows clients to gain a boost of confidence from addicts with similar struggle. Therapy also increases the odds that the addict will make a complete recovery and remain sober. Outside meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous are encouraged, so you participate in ongoing peer support.

Addiction often leads to depression, anxiety, a sense of worthlessness, guilt, despair and other difficult emotions that our staff with evaluate and treat on an individual basis. Therapy and possibly medication will help you work through your intense emotions that had previously been suppressed with alcohol. Drug Treatment Centers Richmond will help you to understand the causes associated with these physiological and psychological difficulties. Under our doctor’s care in a calm and comfortable environment, we can help you cope with the mental and emotional problems associated with addiction withdrawal.

Drug Treatment Centers Richmond provides inpatient and outpatient treatment. The biggest advantage with inpatient treatment facilities is that it completely removes the distractions and temptations that may otherwise allow you to slip back into old habits. At the facility, you can focus on recovery in a safe environment. With our help, you can overcome your addiction and lead a healthy and sober life. Call Drug Treatment Centers Richmond today (804) 893-5099.

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