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Mental Illness and substance abuse often go hand in hand. Approximately half of population with a serious mental illness struggle with drug or alcohol abuse. Furthermore, according to the Journal of the American Medical Associate 37 percent of alcohol users and 53% of drug users have a dual diagnosis or struggle with at least one mental illness. The dual diagnosis community is much larger than some might choose to believe but due to the pain from some mental illnesses and the severe affects drug abuse has on the body they have similar characteristics. Dual diagnosis is the coexisting of both an addiction and mental illness such as bi-polar disorder in a person. In a dual diagnosis, both the drug or alcohol addiction and the mental health disorder have unique symptoms that can limit the individual’s ability to function, handle emotions, and relate to others. Luckily with treatment in a facility such as Drug Treatment Centers Richmond those struggling can receive the proper care and rehabilitation they need.

The Relationship between Addiction and Mental Illness

In a dual Diagnosis, the mental health issue and the addiction both have their own symptoms which require different treatment. Moreover, co-occurring disorders also can affect each other and cause reactions. When someone with an addiction unknowingly suffers from a mental illness the addiction normally gets worse. In addition, when an individual’s drug and alcohol abuse progresses, that can cause a flare up with episodes of mental illness.

Some people who struggle with mental illness develop an addiction because they seek alcohol and drugs as a form of self-medication. Though drugs and alcohol can ease feelings temporarily, mental illness requires proper treatment and this is usually how the addiction begins. Substances of abuse can also worsen underlying mental illnesses. Someone who struggles with depression may become suicidal when drinking and a person with anxiety disorders may experience increased discomfort and panic during withdrawal of a substance. Lastly, drugs and alcohol when used over a long period of time in excess or the manner of abuse can cause a person to experience symptoms of mental illness or develop a mental disorder. For instance, studies have shown that in some cases patients developed mental health issues after taking mind altering drugs such as acid or mushrooms.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment with a drug treatment center allows the patient to receive treatment from both a mental healthcare attending and an addiction specialist. With this help the individual can learn to remain sober and also treat their illness is a healthy manner. Drugs and Alcohol are never a safe or promising idea when mental health is concerned. It is also more difficult to treat a dual diagnosis patient because it requires a complex plan. Addicts with mental health issues may have a more difficult time remaining clean after treatment so they also require extensive relapse prevention.

For help with your dual diagnosis you can count on Drug Treatment Centers Richmond. With caring physicians and the most up to date therapy techniques our treatment center can provide you a successful dynamic plan for overcoming addiction and mental illness. Call (804) 893-5099 Today.

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