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Years of drug and or alcohol use can have detrimental side effects on the body, as can heavy abuse of substance even in a short time period. Use of addictive substances by any individual poses the risk of physical and mental dependence. Medical Detox during rehabilitation breaks the physical dependence built up from drug use and cleanses the body of any toxins. Medical Detox provides a safe withdrawal from the individual’s drug of choice and can even minimize the uncomfortable side effects. For the addict trying to detox without the help of a treatment center can be hazardous and produces a high risk of relapse because of strong cravings and unwarranted side effects. Medical Detox entails 24 hour supervision and care for any obstacles during withdrawal. By choosing a treatment center that provides Medical Detox you give yourself the chance of a clear slate before beginning therapy and counseling. Call Drug Treatment Centers Richmond today at (804) 893-5099.

The decision to end substance abuse can be incredibly overwhelming. The fear of the unknown can be unnerving and intimidating, but regaining control of your life requires courage and determination.

Quitting “cold turkey” or detox at home is considered by many people in order to avoid the embarrassment and potential humiliation of openly discussing the details of addiction with a physician or family. The problem with quitting “cold turkey” is that the body has not been medically evaluated and may not be able to handle withdrawal without the aid of medication or other therapies. Serious side effects of long term drug and/or alcohol use include intestinal and neurological complications as well as liver, respiratory and cardiovascular damage. Because factors such as preexisting medical conditions, damage done during alcohol and/or drug use, and the number of substances abused vary greatly from person to person, it is impossible to know what kind of condition your body is in without a proper and thorough medical assessment. It is extremely important that you seek medical guidance before attempting any kind of addiction treatment.

It is common for people to want an exact list of what to expect during alcohol and/or drug detox. Unfortunately there is no way to know precisely how you will experience the symptoms of withdrawal because each person differs biologically and in the circumstances of their addiction. Common withdrawal symptoms are sweating, nausea, vomiting, constipation, shaking, muscle tension, increased anxiety and shortness of breath. Serious symptoms such as respiratory failure, seizure, delirium tremens, heart attack and even death can occur but are far less likely when detoxification is carefully monitored by medical professionals. It is crucial that you be completely and totally honest with your physician about the extent of your addiction in order to avoid serious and even life-threatening complications. Knowing the full circumstances of an addicts’ addiction is the only way a physician will be able to help guide an addict safely through the detox process.

Detoxification can last a few days, or even a few weeks. Rehabilitation and recovery can last a few years if the addict is struggling with relapse. Committing to an inpatient treatment program means you will have the constant supervision of medical staff so that the risk of complication is minimal. Outpatient detox is for addictions which don’t pose high risk side effects during withdrawal. Withdrawal from any substance can be difficult as side effects can escalate quickly and require immediate help, therefore it is always recommended to seek a treatment center for medical detox. Frequent doctor visits are required so that medications can be prescribed according to a specific treatment plan and the reaction to the dosage and type of medication can be documented and adjusted.

The decision to reclaim your life from your addiction is an unbelievably difficult one to make, but Drug Treatment Centers Richmond is here to help you quit. Please call (804) 893-5099 for more information regarding treatment and recovery.

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