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Prescription drug addiction is currently responsible for the majority of addictions and accidental overdose’s. It could be because they are technically not labeled illegal or due to easy availability in many homes. Just like other addictions such as alcoholism and heroin addiction, prescription drug addiction is a brain disease that can be treated with help. Treatment for prescription drug addiction usually involves detox, therapy, and relapse prevention but depending on the type of prescription drug abused medical treatment medicines may also be used. Due to the complexity of prescription drug addiction studies show that a combination of both behavior therapy and medical detox make for the best possible chance of a full recovery. The first part of beginning treatment for prescription drug addiction is evaluating how the addiction manifested, may it be chronic pain, mental illness or personal demons. Finding the route of addiction is useful because if it is a mental illness the treatment center can provide dual diagnosis, and if it is chronic pain they will understand the difficulties that could arise during withdrawal.

Types of Prescription Drugs

•Stimulants- Prescribed for attention deficit disorder or hyper active disorder
•Opiates- Often prescribed for treating pain
•Tranquilizers/Sedatives – often for anxiety disorders or sleep disabilities

Signs of Prescription Drug addiction or Abuse

Addicts often change both in appearance and behavior from their drug use. Someone suffering from addiction will repeatedly try to cut down or stop their use but also take more than they intend, there time will begin to revolve around obtaining drugs and then recovering from doing them. Previous cares such as school or work are left behind for the sake of drugs and they will continue use in spite of the destruction it causes. In some cases the addicts will turn to crime to support paying for the drugs and in other cases they turn to the illegal drug heroin because it is cheaper and stronger than the prescription pain killer alternative.
If you are worried that a loved one is caught in a prescription drug addiction or abusing substances, the most easy to spot warning signs are drug seeking behaviors:

•Requesting refills before date or more frequently/ asking for replacements
•Crushing pills or snorting them
•Missing prescriptions form family members, friends, and workers.
•A list of multiple doctors they see
•Mixed answers about their use of personal prescriptions.
Behavior changes that can point to an addiction or abuse include:
•Mood Swings / Easily irritated
•Odd or abnormal sleep schedules
•Increased use of other substances

Treating addiction isn’t easy and it is just as difficult to recognize and come to terms with the truth that you or your loved one needs help. Parents can be in denial or avoid obvious signs and addicts will conceal, rationalize and avoid their use as much as possible. But it is always best to confront addiction as soon as possible and seeks treatment. Working to treat a prescription drug addiction takes time and effort but can life changing for the better.

Behavior Treatment for Addiction

Behavioral Treatment for addiction is the method of helping patients end drug use with techniques to help them function without drugs, overcome cravings, avoid tempting situations and triggers for drug use, and prevent possible relapse. These strategies are taught in the form of group therapy, individual counseling, family group sessions, and expressive therapy such as art, yoga, or any activity where the individual can work through obstacles with a therapist to overcome real life obstacles. Not only do these forms of therapy help treat addiction but they also can help individuals with their personal relationships and societal functioning.
Prescription drug addiction treatment can help you or your loved one get back on track. Drug Treatment Centers Richmond has programs and plans for all types of addictions and caters to the individuals needs. Call today for information on regaining power over your life. Call Drug Treatment Centers Richmond today at (804) 893-5099.

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