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Relapse is the return to heavy use of drugs or alcohol following a period of abstinence or minor use, often occurring for addicts after receiving treatment for addiction. Relapse prevention is the strategy of equipping addicts with as many tools possible to aid them in returning to drug use after treatment and far into the future. There are a number of reasons that relapse occurs mostly having to do with stressful emotions, intense cravings, environmental triggers, and the overwhelming sensation of returning home after being in the controlled setting of a rehab facility. Relapse prevention is coping mechanisms, evaluation or recognition of high risk situations, and increasing the addict’s self-confidence and self-efficiency. The other half of relapse prevention is creating positive addictions such as exercise, knitting, or volunteering and building self-control. Drug Treatment Centers Richmond offers a strong relapse prevention program and after care for patients to ensure that they have access to all tools needed for lasting abstinence. Call Drug Treatment Centers Richmond today at (804) 893-5099.

How Preventing Relapse works

Cognitive and behavioral strategies are used to limit relapse and prevent future relapse after the occurrence of one. First, specialists will evaluate a patient’s reactions to environmental and emotional situations that are associated with relapse. Lifestyle factors are also incorporated because addicts must change that or learn to re work it in order to make their abstinence last. After identifying and watching, the therapist can then target what to work on with the individual and prepare them for when it occurs in real life. High risk situations are the most common reasons for relapse following treatment they include negative emotional states becoming angry, depressed or frustrated. Arguments with family or friends also are considered high risk situations for relapse. Celebrations and being around other people who are using can also inflict triggers to relapse. By identifying and teaching ways to cope with these specific situations addicts can be prepared for them to happen. For instance positive reactions and negative then going over a series of decisions one would make in the case of one of these high risk situations occurring.

If Relapse Occurs

Intervention strategies, recognizing relapse, and seeking treatment after relapse are very important. Relapse can often mean that further treatment is needed and that the previous method needs adjusting to better fit the patient. Provided that most of the time when addicts relapse they do receive immediate pleasure they also then feel immense guilt and if that isn’t intervened upon the cycle of addiction can begin again. If you sense that you are becoming overwhelmed with your emotions and feel vulnerable calling a sponsor, treatment center, or attending a meeting can help and prevent relapse. Relapse prevention relies a lot on the patient not being afraid to ask for help or admit weakness when it happens.

Ways You Can Prevent Relapse

Sign up for or find a scheduled hobby such as a yoga class that occurs every day at a certain time. Schedules help regulate the addict’s life and create certainty during an unstable time. Find local AA meetings that you can go to and rely on for therapy. Continuing with therapy or counseling to work through emotions and obstacles. Create a support team whether that be your family or the individuals from AA. Most of all remain aware and confident in your recovery. Take each day one by one slowly working your way down the road to recovery. If you have recently completed treatment for addiction and fear a future relapse call Drug Treatment Centers Richmond for information on relapse prevention. Call Drug Treatment Centers Richmond today at (804) 893-5099.

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